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around the world, arab league sent monitors to syria. this is the city where the government antigovernment protests, repeated crackdowns by regime in recent months. they will visit cities today monitoring admission to the seer regime. >>> boxing day and shopping in canada ended with people taken the the hospital. someone discharged pepper spray in winnipeg. witnesses say the spray was used after an argument between two people, one had a knife. is suspects ran away, and the lis are searching for -- police are searching for them. no one was hurt. >>> one of the poorest neighborhoods got a new addition, a gigantic escalator. authorities say it's the same as going up a 28 story building. it shortens the 35 minute hike to 6. the project cost a little under $7 million to wrap up. >>> two tiger cubs at park in china will be kept warm at a warm house during the winter. look at these guys. they are the youngest, barely two months old. the cubs could suffer if they stayed with parents out in the open air throughout the winter. the warm house which has its own air conditioner and humi
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1